Sarai Alamgir .net

Sarai Alamgir is a small town based in Gujrat which is in the northern part of Punjab (Pakistan). Sarai Alamgir is only a short trip from Jhelum which is a larger town. Sarai is a buzzing town with lots to do and lots to see. It is renowned for it Military College has a vibrant market with good shopping facilities and has GT Road running through it.

It also boats a healthy property market with recent investments from the government as well as private foreign investments. It is a a few hours drive from Islamabad and Lahore respectively and strategically located within a short drive away from Jhelum which is a much larger town in its own right.

The website will be a community site for people that have an affiliation with the town wherever you may live in the world. We are hoping to include lots of information, pictures, videos and a forum where users can post their comments and generally meet fellow people from Sarai Alamgir wherever they may be in the world.

In the meantime, please feel free to join our Facebook group where you can post comments, upload pictures and more and we will update you once the site is live.

Watch the beautiful video that Aapna channel have create on Sarai Alamgir. Its definately going to remind you of 'home'